Six reasons to attend the Rugby Tens Championship 2023

The 3rd edition of the Rugby Tens Championship (R10C) promises to deliver quality rugby, lots of matches, an exciting format, world first revolutionary mixed-play, plenty of entertainment, and the perfect start to the festive season. The R10C will take place at the Charles Morkel stadium in Strand, Cape Town, in November 2023.


1. International professional players in action

With professional players from almost 30 nations having represented their countries at the HSBC Sevens, World Cups and National teams, rugby of the highest quality is almost guaranteed.


2. Six franchises

Spectators will be spoilt for choice with no less than six franchises boasting professional teams (men’s and women’s) and academy teams (u/18 boys and girls). The R10C also gives a platform to u/6, u/7, u/8 and u/9 players when they play matches in between breaks.

The six franchises competing at the R10C are the Cape Town Wild Dogs, Serengeti Elephants, Balkans Honey Badgers, San Clemente Rhinos, a Blue Bulls and Boland hybrid team, and the DHL Western Province Invitational.


3. Unique Mixed-play

At the R10C 2023 we are MIXing it up! In this world-first, Franchises will field one gender team in the 1st half, and the other gender team in the 2nd half of the same match, a sequence to be decided at the coin toss. To kick it off, on Nov 18, Honey Badgers Men will play against DHL Western Province Invitational for one half, and while the women’s sides will play in the other half.

We will see similar action on Nov 18 from Rhinos and Wild Dogs, as well as the Academy teams, while all teams will have a chance to showcase their skills at Mixed-Play on Nov 22 and during finals on Nov 25!

4. Action-packed match days

Pool games will take place on 18 and 22 November 2023, while the finals will be played on 25 November 2023. The matches on 18 November will kick-off at 10:00, while the games on 22 November will get under way at 11:00.


5. Witness rugby development in action

The R10C will also provide the platform to take rugby’s development to the next level. From academy teams, to the mixed-play matches, every aspect of the tournament is aimed at long-term growth and investing back into the sport. It also ensures that women’s rugby is able to perform, experience and grow on the biggest stage possible. By creating these opportunities for the women’s and girl’s teams, it guarantees that the development of players and the sport is unrestricted and not bound to any age groups or genders.

6. Great day out for entire family

In addition to the amount of quality professional rugby, spectators will also enjoy some entertainment with Lorenzo Darries being the MC, while Jeremy Barnes will entertain the crowds as the DJ. There will also be a fan park with food, beer and cool drinks.


About R10C

The Rugby Tens Championship (R10C) is a professional Rugby 10s competition that offers equal opportunities to athletes worldwide. Through its franchises, each fielding men’s, women’s, boys’, and girls’ teams, R10C is committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in rugby.

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