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The Rugby Tens Championship (R10C) is the new global professional Rugby Union 10s series for Men and Women. The core drivers for the league are: • Equality for Men and Women in Sport; • Equality for Boys and Girls in Sport; • Rugby and Entertainment. The annual R10C consists of two stages: “The Series” (held at each location except the final location) and “The Championship” (held at the final location). Each “Squad” participates with Men, Women, Academy Boys and Academy Girls “Teams”. “Teams” compete for “Series Cups”, awarded at each location. “Squads” compete for the “Championship” title, awarded at the final location, based on performance algorithm.
The event will be held at the Estadio Universitario de Lisboa, in Lisbon, Portugal. It will be streamed live. Details coming soon! Please sign up to our newsletter to receive the info first
If you are born on or after January 1st, 2002 and are older than 16 years old, you can apply to be considered for one of the Academy teams here.
General Inquiries: Sign up on website. Media Inquiries:
The R10C can be found on the following social channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. You can also follow your favorite team on Instagram: Balkans Honey Badgers, Cape Town Wild Dogs, San Clemente Rhinos and Serengeti Elephants.
The launch features the first 4 out 8 squads of the Series: • Balkans Honey Badgers (Europe) • San Clemente Rhinos (North America) • Cape Town Wild Dogs (Southern Africa) • Serengenti Elephants (Eastern Africa) Each squad has a Men, Women, Academy Boys and Academy Girls teams.
There are 10 players on the field at any given time, and a total of 15 players per team roster.
The Men and Women teams are very diverse. Players have been selected from USA, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, Kenya, New Zealand, France, Portugal, Brazil, Russia and more.
The kits that the teams will be wearing in R10C can be viewed on the teams’ Instagram accounts.
The tickets will be available soon! Please sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.