Rugby Tens Championship Returns: A Celebration of Rugby and Equality

Tickets to the third edition of the Rugby Tens Championships are now on sale.

Rugby enthusiasts in South Africa are gearing up for the exciting return of the Rugby Tens Championship (R10C), an event with a unique mix of rugby, equality and loads of entertainment. Taking place on 18, 22 and 25 November 2023, the R10C is set to see players and fans from around the world gather at the Helderberg Rugby Club in Strand, Cape Town.

“It’s more than just a rugby competition, R10C is a platform that celebrates inclusivity, drawing elite players from over 20 countries who will compete for the Franchise Champion Trophy,” said Co-founder and CEO of R10C, Andreea Trufasu. “Through this tournament, athletes of all ages and genders have the opportunity to showcase their talents on the rugby field with divisions catering to Men, Women, Boys, and Girls.”

Tickets are now available on

  • Daily admission: R30 (Adult)
  • Daily admission: R25 (Students and Children under 18)
  • 3-Day package: R60

At the heart of R10C lies a distinctive format that aims to provide a unique experience for fans while offering equal opportunities to players from diverse backgrounds.

R10C features six franchises, each representing different global regions, highlighting the worldwide appeal of rugby:

  • Balkan Honey Badgers – Europe and Middle East
  • Blue Bulls – Gauteng, South Africa
  • Cape Town Wild Dogs – Southern Africa
  • San Clemente Rhinos – North America
  • Serengeti Elephants – Eastern Africa
  • New franchise to be announced on 18 October

R10C embraces inclusivity and equality with four primary divisions:

  • Men’s Division
  • Women’s Division
  • Boys’ U18 Division
  • Girls’ U18 Division

In each of these divisions, teams from the franchises compete for the Division Cup. Men, women, U18 boys, and U18 girls unite under a common banner to pursue the coveted Franchise Champion Trophy. All division results collectively determine the ultimate Franchise Champion.

“Beyond the competition, R10C serves as a symbol of unity through sport. With players from completely different backgrounds, representing over 20 countries, the tournament celebrates the power of sport to bring people together,” added Trufasu.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this exciting global event. Tickets are now on sale at

About R10C

The Rugby Tens Championship (R10C) is a professional Rugby 10s competition that offers equal opportunities to athletes worldwide. Through its franchises, each fielding men’s, women’s, boys’, and girls’ teams, R10C is committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in rugby.


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