Equality – Focused Professional Rugby League launches this November

Lisbon, Portugal, October 5, 2021 – The Rugby Tens Championship (R10C), a new global professional Rugby Union 10s series for Men and Women, with Academy Boys and Girls, launches in Lisbon, November 27 – 28, 2021.

Portuguese Rugby Federation President, Mr. Carlos Amado da Silva, welcomes the Tens: “The Portuguese Union is proud to be associated with and to endorse the Rugby Tens Championship. Celebrating its kick-off, Rugby Tens Championship has the potential to become one of the world’s premier tournaments for Tens rugby players from all over the world. This international event will be important for the development of young and promising players, promoting exchanges between teams from diverse cultures and showcasing their best rugby skills. Portugal and the city of Lisbon will welcome all the participants with arms wide open.”

“R10C is an exciting concept in sport. It brings equality for Men and Women at various levels including compensation structure, it’s a unique development pathway for Boys and Girls and it creates opportunities for diverse competition with players from countries such as New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, USA, Ireland, Kenya, Portugal, Sweden, South Africa and more” said R10C co-founder and president of the Blue Bulls Rugby Union, Willem Strauss.
The event introduces the Balkans Honey Badgers, Cape Town Wild Dogs, San Clemente Rhinos, and Serengeti Elephants squads, each consisting of Men, Women, Academy Boys and Academy Girls teams.

The Portugal event will see the 8 professional teams bring some of the best current and rising 7s, 10s and 15s talent around the world. Each team will play three pool matches before qualifying for the play-off stages and competing for the Tournament Cup. The squads compete for the Championship Title by earning points based on their Men, Women, Academy Boys and Girls performances.
“By showcasing the Academy Division for Boys and Girls teams affiliated with the professional teams, R10C is creating strong connections between youth and the professional game, evangelizing the sport in new communities, and celebrating Rugby and its values in a festival-like atmosphere” commented Andreea Trufasu, R10C Co-Founder.
R10C will expand to 3 events in 2022 and 5 events by 2024. R10C has already received proposals to host events in Portugal, USA, France, South Africa, Namibia, Brazil and the Pacific Islands. The series will expand to 8 squads by 2023.


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