Rosaluna Gavagna

Rosaluna Gavagna

Where do we begin to introduce our next player, not only is she a versatile 7’s, 10’s and 15’s player but her nationality being half Danish, half Italian has led to a whirlwind of a rugby career for this driven 28 year old as she has played all over the world, winning tournaments and taking home trophies upon trophies, we introduce to you, Rosaluna Gavagna.

Rosaluna is currently playing rugby for Frederiksberg Rugby Club and the Danish 7’s national team, whom she has captained for the past 6 years.

Her rugby career had an interesting start as she played 15’s a side in Italy for CUS Ferrara Rugby but when she moved to Denmark, as there were no women’s teams in the area, this did not prevent her from pursuing her love for rugby as she joined the senior men’s team at Odder Rugby Club. At the same time, she played with a mixed U19 team from the same club, winning the Danish championship in 2013. All paid off that year, as she got scouted for the Danish 7’s National team. Here, Rosaluna won 2 gold medals in the National championship and 5 silver gold medals between the years of 2014 – 2021.

In between all of this, Rosaluna also lived and played for New York, Australia and France as well as toured with the invitational team Tabusoro Angels to Fiji and twice to the Open tournament at Dubai 7’s and played 2 years for Italy in 10’s a side, where she had the honour to be captain.

Her drive and hardworking spirit have allowed Rosaluna to experience 7’s and 5’s a side rugby over the years and just in a few weeks she will add 10’s a side to her impressive resume at the R10C.


1:30 pm

Elephants (W) vs Wild Dogs (W)


0 - 5

Honey Badgers W vs Elephants W

14 - 12

Elephants W vs Rhinos W

7 - 17

Wild Dogs W vs Elephants W

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