Romeo Ponge Prince

Romeo Ponge Prince

Romeo Ponge Prince is a 26 year old French Rugby Union player, who currently plays for CO Berre XV in France as a loose forward.

Romeo started rugby at the age of 13 with the Red Star Olympic rugby team. Romeo then joined racing 92 to further develop as an up and coming star in youth rugby.

Romeo went on to play for the CA Brive Correze Kimousin team for a season, following the year after at Soyaux-Angoulem XV Charente developing well under the U21 structures. He then went on to play for the AS Macon Rugby for 2 seasons and is currently playing with CO Berre XV.

We are excited to see Romeo in action on the field showcasing his talents.


2:00 pm

Rhinos (M) vs Honey Badgers (M)


24 - 19

Elephants M vs Honey Badgers M

35 - 12

Wild Dogs M vs Honey Badgers M

24 - 17

Honey Badgers M vs Rhinos M

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