Perach Ittiel
Center, Wing

Perach Ittiel

Representing Israel, is the fierce female rugby player, Perach Ittiel, captain of the Israeli 7’s National Team!

Besides her leadership role in her team, Perach plays as a center and a prop, roles that allow her to best express her strength and speed, perfect skills for 10’s-a-side. ” I look forward to the tournament, this is an opportunity to play with players from all over the world and have a meaningful experience”. – Perach expressed.

Discovering rugby was a life-changing event for this former CrossFit athlete. Perach began her rugby career in a remote area of Israel in 2017 and it very quickly became a major part of her life and she, a major part of the Israeli 7’s National Team.

“The power that this game brings out of me, my ability to be as fast and powerful as possible and take my abilities to the edge, along with a group of strong women, makes me want to get better and reach high achievements.” – Perach Ittiel


1:30 pm

Elephants (W) vs Wild Dogs (W)


0 - 5

Honey Badgers W vs Elephants W

14 - 12

Elephants W vs Rhinos W

7 - 17

Wild Dogs W vs Elephants W

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