Maira Acevedo

Maira Acevedo

“ Through rugby, I’ve developed physical and mental fortitude. The sport has not only given me amazing opportunities to create great friendships, and travel around the world, but it has taught me a lot of values that I will forever carry throughout life: Team work, resilience, confidence and commitment.“

Inspirational words from our next R10C player, we introduce to you the Canadian World Cup 15’s player, Maira Acevedo.

When 10 year old Colombian-born Maira Acevedo moved to Canada she had never even heard of the game of rugby. Then only eleven years later she represented her country at a World Cup at the age of 21, becoming the youngest member of the Canadian team.

Maira and her love for rugby began when she started playing rugby in her first year of high school and she never looked back! She has come a long way since high school rugby as Maira has represented not only the province of British Columbia in 15’s and 7’s but trained with the Colombian National 7’s teams prior to their debut in Rio2016 Olympics, and finally getting to Represent Canada in the Women’s Rugby League World Cup in 2017.

Without a doubt, we can say we are beyond thrilled to have Maira represent at out Rugby Tens Championship Launch in Lisbon Portugal.


0 - 5

Honey Badgers W vs Elephants W

28 - 7

Honey Badgers W vs Wild Dogs W

10 - 12

Honey Badgers W vs Rhinos W

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