Limor Lev
Hooker, Prop

Limor Lev

Celebrating with us as she turns 33 on the day of the Rugby Tens Championship launch is Incredible Israeli women’s rugby player, Limor Lev.

Limor is a great defensive player who is not afraid to commit when heading headfirst into a tackle, always taking one for the team. Limor is a team player and feels it is good to work well with your teammates. Even though Limor is not positioned as a wing, she definitely knows her way across the field and knows how to step around her opponents, not shabby at all.

In addition to playing in the Israeli women’s rugby league, she also trained 3 seasons with the Israel women’s rugby national team. She was later picked to fly to the European championships for all 3 seasons.When not playing rugby she works in agriculture as a pesticide inspector, a job that provides her with enough spare time to train and compete in tournaments, tournaments like our R10C.

Let’s hope for Limor that it won’t be just her birthday that she celebrates on the 27-28th November but a win as well!


0 - 24

Wild Dogs W vs Rhinos W

14 - 12

Elephants W vs Rhinos W

10 - 12

Honey Badgers W vs Rhinos W

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