Karina Gauto
First Receiver

Karina Gauto

She is a member of the Rugby Canada Maple Leafs Development Academy, we present to you, Karina Gauto from her beautiful country, Canada.

Karina started her rugby career at the age of 12 playing juniors with the Edmonton Clansmen in Alberta, where she further developed her skill levels and competed in regional, provincial and national U18 programs.

Showing immense potential at the age of only 15, gave Karina the opportunity to train with her club’s senior female player. Karina, only being 15 then, was not able to be a registered player or move up to the Senior levels until the age of 17. She saw those two years as a great learning curve to become the best rugby player she could be, so that when the day came she was ready to shine.

Karina, playing in both the Premier and Division 2 teams in 2018, made her a key player on the team in her very first season. In 2019, in only her second season, Karina was part of the starting lineup in every single game and if that was not impressive enough, she took home the title of “player of the match” multiple times throughout the season.

After her first International 7’s tournament Karina was selected as a member of the Rugby Canada Maple Leafs Development Academy. This high-level training program specialized in rugby 7’s, which consisted of intensive 5 hour days on-field and in the gym, as well as giving her the opportunity to train alongside members of the Canadian Women’s Olympic team.

This has all played a great part in who Karina is as a rugby player today and being part of the R10C launch is just another piece of Karina Gauto’s rugby puzzle.


0 - 5

Honey Badgers W vs Elephants W

28 - 7

Honey Badgers W vs Wild Dogs W

10 - 12

Honey Badgers W vs Rhinos W

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