Jeremiah Munoz
usaUnited States
First Receiver, Scrumhalf

Jeremiah Munoz

The Rhinos shifty stepper himself, Jeremiah Muñoz, aka “Jelly” a current member of the Rhinos High-Performance squad and residency program.

This talented 22-year-old from Long Beach, California is a passionate rugby player who started playing rugby at the age of 10 has never looked back! Bringing 12 years of Rugby experience with Rhinos Rugby Academy, SoCal Griffins, Tiger Rugby, and Belmont Shores Club, and the MLR LA Giltinis.

Muñoz has represented Rhinos at numerous events, the latest being the North American Invitation (NAI7s) where Muñoz captained the Rhinos Men’s Team and placed second, with most tries scored by him.

Muñoz’s quick and agile footwork combined with his strategic thinking ability will be a great asset in any R10C!


12:00 pm

Wild Dogs (M) vs Elephants (M)


24 - 19

Elephants M vs Honey Badgers M

0 - 19

Elephants M vs Rhinos M

12 - 24

Wild Dogs M vs Elephants M

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