Isabela González

Isabela González

Playing with her whole heart and soul, this player is the definition of passion and dedication when it comes to rugby and her country. We introduce to you, Isabela González from Mexico.

Switching from soccer to rugby, was one of Isabela’s best decisions she could have made to be the best version of herself. Rugby makes it possible for Isabela to express herself and brought her so much joy and meaning during a dark time in her life.

Representing her country at the R10C, Isabela is definitely ready to be Mexico’s pawn for future generations to follow.


1:30 pm

Elephants (W) vs Wild Dogs (W)


0 - 24

Wild Dogs W vs Rhinos W

28 - 7

Honey Badgers W vs Wild Dogs W

7 - 17

Wild Dogs W vs Elephants W

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