Hugo Detre
Center, Hooker, Lock

Hugo Detre

Representing the country of France at the R10C, we introduce to you, the Paris Rugby Club Drancy representative, Hugo Détré.

Détré’s rugby career started in 2005 with the Rugby Club ASPTT Paris 93 where he played until 2009. In 2009 he went on to play for another club, The PUC PARIS till 2012 where he left to play for the 2017 French champion titleholders, RACING 92 until 2019.

In 2019 he went on to play for the SA TRELISSAC in the federal championship where he played 12 matches from 2019-2020 and since 2019, Détré has been a member of the Paris Rugby Club Drancy.

Détré with all his rugby experience will leave the R10C crowd singing “Wee-Wee” will rock you!


12:00 pm

Wild Dogs (M) vs Elephants (M)


7 - 24

Wild Dogs M vs Rhinos M

35 - 12

Wild Dogs M vs Honey Badgers M

12 - 24

Wild Dogs M vs Elephants M

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