Dariana Garcia

Dariana Garcia

“Rugby for me represents a way to live my life and a sport that I can show off all my abilities, not just my speed, but also my vision to see the field and guide my team. “ words from the young speedster from Mexico, Dariana Garcia.

Dariana has been playing rugby since the age of 14 and due to rugby not being a big sport in Mexico, Dariana had to play with a mixed team of seniors all of her earlier rugby career. Dariana’s optimistic spirit saw this as a positive situation that gave her more confidence as a player, allowing her to grow faster in her rugby skills and abilities. Dariana’s positive mindset, endurance and her love for rugby paid off as she was chosen for the Mexican National Women’s Team. Her rugby dreams came true as she formed part of the national team in 2019, part of the Dream Team on the RAN (the all stars).

She is now currently playing club rugby as well as representing her college in track and field. Dariana plays as a wing in offense and in defense as full back and is considered as a leader, a disciplined player and a player that is not scared to go in for the big hits.

She has been in several rugby camps with the national team for Centro American Games, Pan American Games, World Cup, Hong Kong, RAN, as well as other preparations for big tournaments adding R10C as one of those big tournaments in just a few weeks.


1:30 pm

Elephants (W) vs Wild Dogs (W)


0 - 24

Wild Dogs W vs Rhinos W

28 - 7

Honey Badgers W vs Wild Dogs W

7 - 17

Wild Dogs W vs Elephants W

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