Cyrille Cama

Cyrille Cama

With no introduction needed, this player has had the Rhinos blood running through his veins since 2014. Cyrille Muavai Cama, is an exceptional rugby player with a natural talent for the game. He is the definition of a team player, always putting his body on the line for his team! His rugby superpowers would definitely be his defensive skills and being an outstanding fetcher and a strong ball carrier. A player’s player, selfless on and off the field.

Originally from Natokalau, Kubulau, Fiji, this youngster made his 10’s debut last year at the World Tens Series in Bermuda for Rhinos Teams at the age of only 19.

Besides playing for the Rhinos, Cama also made his Major Rugby League (MLR) debut this year playing for the Giltinis, LA union team! This player does not sit still as he has been from one camp to the other this year, soaking up knowledge and improving his rugby skills. Cama is also an assistant coach at the Rhinos Rugby School where he assisted with rugby training and with strength and conditioning in the Rhinos gym.

We only see great things for his future and we are excited to have him in our team again this year!


2:00 pm

Rhinos (M) vs Honey Badgers (M)


7 - 24

Wild Dogs M vs Rhinos M

0 - 19

Elephants M vs Rhinos M

24 - 17

Honey Badgers M vs Rhinos M

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