Chiharu Nakamura

Chiharu Nakamura

R10C’s first Japanese signing, and what a signing!

Chiharu Nakamura was Japan’s 2016 Olympics Sevens squad captain. She is so passionate about rugby, but more importantly about opportunities for Women’s rugby.

At the Tokyo Olympics, she shared that “Because we are the host country, it is a very good opportunity for us to make women’s rugby more recognized and to make it one of the biggest sports here (in Japan).” In 2014 Chiharu won silver at the 2014 Asian Games and went on to captain Japan’s women’s team at the Sakura Sevens and won the Bowl in the opening round of the 2015/16 World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series in Dubai.

Chiharu has also taken on the new role of player/general manager for a new club in Fukuoka, eager to create more opportunities for women’s rugby in Japan.As eager as Chiharu is about her new endeavors, we are equally as eager to see her lead at The Rugby Tens Championship!


0 - 24

Wild Dogs W vs Rhinos W

14 - 12

Elephants W vs Rhinos W

10 - 12

Honey Badgers W vs Rhinos W

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