Andrew Amonde

Andrew Amonde

Andrew Amonde is definitely a diverse and interesting player when it comes to his skills on and off the rugby field. This talented man is a Kenyan rugby union player as well as a television producer.

Amonde is a born and bred Kenyan national sevens player and has captained Kenya’s 7’s union team since 2012 up until today. His great leadership skills paid off when Amonde was granted the exceptional honour to captain Kenya’s 7s teams in the summer Olympics in 2016! Wow! Not only was he selected to be a Captain at the Olympics but was also granted the honour of leading his fellow Kenyans at the Olympics as Kenya’s official flag bearer!

This flanker is definitely one to watch, at 1.9m tall, you won’t miss him on or off the field as we will surely find him behind the cameras trying to give some producers advice!


2:00 pm

Rhinos (M) vs Honey Badgers (M)


7 - 24

Wild Dogs M vs Rhinos M

0 - 19

Elephants M vs Rhinos M

24 - 17

Honey Badgers M vs Rhinos M

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