Andrea Burk
Center, Wing

Andrea Burk

Introducing Canada’s Hall of Fame Inductee, Andrea Burk. Representee of the Canadian 7’s and 15’s National Rugby Team.

Burk has gone on to earn 38 international 15’s and 2 international 7’s caps over a period of 9 years with her first international debut in Dijon, France in 2009. Burk’s career highlights include winning a silver medal at the 2014 world cup, playing for the Baa-Baas, College Rifles in Auckland, NZ, Aptoella Angels, and traveling around the world playing this global game.

Burk has also represented Canada in rugby league and at the 2017 Rugby League World Cup. When not on the field, Burk coaches in the Canadian rugby community and her commentary is a part of the World Rugby HSBC World 7’s Series Broadcast and other international rugby events, including the 2016 & 2020 Olympics.

Notable Achievements:
• 2018 Barbarians RFC vs USA
• 2014 World Rugby Dream Team – Rugby World Cup
• 2014 Rugby World Cup Silver Medallist
• Rugby Canada Gillian Florence Award (2015)
• Hall of Fame Inductee – Rugby Canada (team 2020) & Acadia University


1:30 pm

Elephants (W) vs Wild Dogs (W)


0 - 24

Wild Dogs W vs Rhinos W

28 - 7

Honey Badgers W vs Wild Dogs W

7 - 17

Wild Dogs W vs Elephants W

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